How to Stake in Yoroi Wallet

Step 1

As you can see when you open this you will get an option at the bottom to either create Shelly or Byron wallet. Byron is old (depreciated) first you have to create Shelly wallet by clicking green button. Then you will have to save 12 words of code somewhere after that your wallet will be listed as on this picture there are two wallets Ehtisham&EhtishamV after depositing funds into the wallet when you

Step 2

open your wallet

Now you have to click right bottom where it’s mentioned delegate

Step 3

Here what you will see after tapping delegate

Now search for pool with its pool id "Lega"

Step 4

Select option delegate under [lega] LEGASystems

Step 5

After these steps, this screen will appear Here you just have to put the amount you want delegate & your spending password it’s the password you have to set when you are creating the wallet That’s it! ADA is delegated & you will start receiving rewards every 5 days (epoch).

Step 6

You can see my reward in dashboard

Which you can easily withdraw to your wallet from your pre generated stake address.